Sticky Situations

What do people talk about behind-the-scenes when faced with difficult situations where there are no clear rules or policy Sometimes we need a good conversation with people we trust in order to get a new perspective. In Sticky Situations, we are pioneering new paths forward through conversations with people who are experienced and willing to help us navigate the nuances of the workplace.

Nancy J Hess is founder of NJ Hess Associates.

Timothea Kirchner is a seasoned leader who offers coaching and consulting services.

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Change leadership in a public works department

Change leadership in a public works department

How do you change the mindset of a public works department?  Timi and Nancy sit down to discuss some actionable steps to help a new department director that has been tasked with moving the department in a new direction. Highlights: Honor the work that the employees are currently doing Focus on the relationship between the […]