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Small Learning Group Consultation



HR as Practice

If you are new to human resources, this small learning group is for you. Learn about the fundamental practice areas of HR, how to respond to workplace issues and where to go to get the help you need to navigate challenges.



HR as Pro

If you are the key link to all things HR in your organization and are interested in taking your HR competencies to the level, this learning group is a place for you to bring your toughest challenges and get the feedback you need to be confident and ready to respond, like a Pro.

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Frontline Supervision

If you have been given the role of supervising others in the workplace, this small group learning will give you the tools you need to understand the fundamentals, discuss your questions, and set out on the right path. This group will include robust conversations about the supervisor skills that are critical for success.

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Designing Engagement Models to Champion Change

Engagement methods hold the key to shifting mindsets and bringing about critical changes in the way we do things, but how do we design a model to guide us? This is a small group for professionals who wish to learn how to build that model to meet the particular needs of their organization. This is the true essence of pioneering change! 

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Professional Consultation

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Learning Community

Be a part of a learning community where conversations create opportunities to pioneer change

Professional Competency

Find your next level of professional competency to help you be the change you want to see

Meaningful Conversations

Experience the impact of engaging in meaningful conversations about work and learn how to lead them in your organization