Retooling Work

Join a conversation with Nancy J. Hess and friends

✨We are in the midst of change which a colleague of mine framed quite nicely this way: First we must focus on contingency, then we move to continuity and finally we will enter a period of emergence where things will look quite different from the way they do now.

During this period of contingency we can learn new ways of working with each other. This open series of conversations on retooling is designed to create space to talk about the challenges we face because of the way we work and offer an opportunity to explore alternative ways to communicate, manage projects, serve customers and create structures that enable us to lead during uncertain times.

As many of you know, I have been actively re-designing my business over the last year to focus more on pioneering change around the ways we work. As a result, I have lots of resources and a network of people who are available to enrich your experience of learning.

My goal and purpose is to set us on a path that broadens and expands options for the way we work together. In a world full of traffic, it is important to know your way and your destination. We can do this if we all take steps forward together.

So, each week we have an open agenda. People bring up questions or share resources from their experiences. Some people hop on to check in and hop off when they need to.

Since the beginning of the pandemic some of the issues we have talked about include  

  • Technology to support public meetings
  • Workplace practices to support distancing
  • Employee concerns 
  • Resident concerns
  • Police issues

We meet Friday mornings at 10:00 a.m. on Zoom


Would you like to join us?

I help leaders pioneer extraordinary change through high engagement and whole system approaches that focus on the way people work.