Technology Challenges in Local Government with Claudia Arriaga, Aaron Siko, Dave Pribulka and Brad Gotshall

Posted by: on December 14th, 2023


Today we talk with managers about the the role of technology in local government and the need to adapt to and address technology challenges.

My co-host today is Claudia Arriaga, Senior Vice President of Customer Service at OpenGov

Our three distinguished guests include:

Aaron Siko, Manager, Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County

Dave Pribulka Manager, Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County

Brad Gotshall, Manager, Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin County

This episode is brought to you by OpenGov.

OpenGov is the leader in cloud software exclusively designed for local government agencies.

Our mission is to power more effective and accountable government. With more than 1800 local government agencies across the U.S. using its solutions for budgeting and planning, procurement, financials, asset management, and permitting and licensing, the team has heard countless stories from public servants like you. Hear some of the most inspiring ones – and share your own story – at Why We Serve


[00:00:32] Evolving cybersecurity threats.

[00:06:52] Enhancing transparency and communication.

[00:09:42] Using technology for transparency.

[00:13:36] Elected officials and technology.

[00:16:45] Technological enhancements for submitting complaints.

[00:21:40] Automating workflows with technology.

[00:25:33] Future cities and transportation modernization.

[00:28:04] Internet speed upgrade.

[00:32:14] Utilizing data for better services.

[00:36:11] Technology upgrades and collaboration.

[00:40:00] Workplace environment and remote work.

[00:44:22] Enhancements in the mobile workplace.

[00:49:19] Staff-generated ideas and implementation.

[00:51:43] Code enforcement and technology.

[00:57:29] Value-added benefits for employees.

[01:00:54] Cybersecurity and technology vulnerabilities.

[01:05:47] Importance of collaboration and networking.

[01:07:32] Collaboration and gratitude.


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