#6 – Let data into the game! A conversation with Bradley Gotshall

Posted by: on April 28th, 2022

Today we talk with Bradley Gotshall about why he is invested in the profession of municipal management and what makes him excited about the future. Hint: he sees the possibilities for technology to increase effectiveness in delivery of services, outreach to community and efficiency within the organization. With so few young professionals in the pipeline, he is one of a small sub-set of managers who are coming up through and has some valuable perspectives for the future.  

He is currently the manager of Lower Paxton Township in Dauphin County Pennsylvania. Find out more about him on Linked In Here.

3:00 Unsung heroes

5:36 Role of Manager

6:36 What will your job look like in 10 years?

10:48 Trash can data, etc.

18:00 Measures of a healthy municipal government

22:26 Moving toward a collaborative management team

28:02 The diversity debate

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