#7 – Erin Trone shares how Trader Joe’s came to town

Posted by: on May 13th, 2022

How does an Assistant Manager make a case to buy an empty department story in a declining retail area, raze it to the ground and find a buyer? How does that buyer become a Trader Joe’s? It takes a team with vision, willingness to step up to the plate, and steady nerves.

Erin Trone came to the world of local government to make a difference and she stayed the course long enough to do just that. She recalls her journey from young professional to working mom and the joy of watching her kids play in the park she helped create.

This is a great episode to learn about the field of economic development and the positive impact on communities. Erin gives us a sense of how she combines the skill of learning on the fly with confidently proceeding even while outcomes are uncertain.

2:12 Why she left consulting

3:21 Lower Allen Commons Project

5:09 She runs her idea by her manager, Tom Vernau

9:32 Why develop this particular spot? The role of Commercial Broker

11:29 What do we have to offer as a Township?

14:13 Role of development authority

16:12 Value of commercial broker

23:35 Redevelopment projects start from below zero

34:54 Mom and professional

39:28 Influence of John Mizerak and Dan Santoro

42:51 Advice to prepare for funding opportunities

47:11 Innovation in government

50:47 Vision of healthy governmente

53:00 What to preserve in local government / What to progress

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