#4 – Ed Knittel on learning, change and engagement in local government.

Posted by: on April 14th, 2022

Ed Knittel has been thinking about education and local government for decades and he shares his insights on the future of education and how we might apply new ideas about education to the challenges we are facing in local government. Engagement is a constant theme in our conversation.

This conversation is particularly well-suited for young professionals who are thinking about a career in municipal management. The conversation is focused on what training and education will look like in the future and the importance of engagement in every aspect of public service.   

6:01 What would trg/educ look like if there were no obstacles?

9:50 Virtual reality – applications to training

16:20 We are in unprecedented times

19:32 Lessons learned. When people say “we don’t do it that way.”

24:54 Public engagement in the time of COVID

27:52 What do we need to preserve, what do we need to progress?

33:10 Encouragement to managers

37:37 Recruiting for local government from high schools

40:11 Diversity in the field of local government

44:24 Managers are going to be challenged about what they will accept or not accept.

54:05 When the Canadians come to rescue us in a snow storm and why I got into this field.

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