Busting HR Myths (Series) with Kim Nash #5 The Younger Generation Lacks Work Ethics & #6 HR is Easy, Anyone Can Do It!

Posted by: on August 18th, 2023

Today we dive into the final conversations of our series. This time we talk about the multi-generational workforce and the path to professionalism.

My guest, Kim Nash teaches for the Society of Human Resource Management and has a consultancy focused on helping HR professionals grow their career.

This series contains six conversations that build on the central theme of how HR can create value in an organization.

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Kim has spent more than 20 years teaching the SHRM HR Essentials, the SHRM Learning System, and other human resource related courses to mentor and encourage human resource professionals to grow in their professional development and pass the certification exam. In 2017, Kim founded her company, THriv, LLC to mentor, coach, teach, and train human resource professionals and leaders for success. In the spring of 2023, Kim published her first book, Burn the Plow, a story about her career journey, and she launched a Vlog, Fill My Cup designed to renew and inspire leaders in the summer of 2023.


00:00:00 Millennials and Gen Z dominate workforce.

00:09:03 Work-life balance and changing priorities.

00:13:17 Generational interaction is crucial.

00:16:59 Face-to-face interaction is important.

00:23:10 Bridging generation gaps through collaboration.

00:27:29 Reverse mentorship in the workplace.

00:29:03 HR needs to be bridge builders.

00:37:12 HR professionals need financial understanding.

00:43:24 Take initiative in your career.

00:47:33 Explore different paths to HR.

00:55:02 Continuing education is essential.

00:57:11 Importance of HR professionalism.

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