#31 – Technology, ego and a culture of safety with Chief Roland Camacho and Jeffrey Stonehill

Posted by: on May 18th, 2023

Although technology may seem like a strange way to begin a conversation about community safety, I begin here today because it keeps coming up in my conversations and I think listeners will be interested to learn the intersections of technology with community trust, transparency and accountability.

Jeffrey Stonehill is only the 3rd manager in the history of Chambersburg Borough. Pennsylvania. This fact speaks to a history and culture that is serious about good governance.

I have been in conversation with Chief Ron Camacho about community safety for a few years and admire the way he has shaped policing culture at the Borough.

Both Jeffrey and Chief Camacho are unique leaders in the way they define the desired future by the choices they make every day.


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JeffreyStonehill – ICMA member spotlight

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Borough of Chambersburg,Pennsylvania


4:10 Technology has changed policing.

15:09 Officers use body worn film to provide constructive criticism, training and ideas.

17:17 I come from A police culture that was secretive. How transparency evolved to become embedded in the culture.

22:04 The role of social media

23:45 When Chief Camacho arrived and had to change things

28:16 No crime is too small

31:20 Jeffrey: “I don’t want to run the police department.”

34:20 Ego is what really hurts us at that executive level.

37:18 If you two were a dream team, on the road, what would you share with others about your story? If you were to mentor others?

49:00 Happy cops make good cops.

50:56 There is a certain level of consent that the public gives you to pay those taxes to get this kind of output. So it’s a circle…

54:03 Why I talk about ego so much.

59:00 It is the toughest time to be a police officer right now.

59:40 Self reflection and empathy; advocacy for mental health.

1:07 Now there there’s pre-counseling Camacho and post counseling Camacho.

1:09 We fund their education, it is a commitment by them to become better officers…national statistics on education of police officers….

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