#28 – Relationships across sectors with Sandra Zadell and Dr. Adam Kuczynski

Posted by: on April 28th, 2023

This is the second episode in a series about relationships that can lead to partnerships between academia, local governments and the communities they serve.

Sandra Zadell is manager of Upper Gwynedd Township in Montgomery County Pennsylvania and Dr. Adam Kuczynski is Chair of the MPA program at Villanova University.

In this episode we workshop ideas. We talk about what holds us back and what propels us forward in our relationships.


Sandra Zadell

Dr. Adam Kuczynski


3:0 Sandra’s background

5:50 Adam’s background

12:23 Everything in management is relationships

– Examples of how Sandra has partnered with academia

15:36 Adam talks about importance of common focus on public service

– Manager’s can participate on Boards or committees in academia

– Academics can build relationships by connecting managers to resources or expertise

17:41 Get to know one another before the need for collaboration arises

21:11 Adam loves the problem solving nature of local government

22:56 Sandra loves to see engagement at the local level and values our democracy

24:30 If you were a team helping other municipalities who were interested in more public engagement….

– A third party might be able to amplify or explain or tamp down expectation or ramp up positivity

– We are the bridge between constituent and government

34:40 When neutrality is called for on the part of the manager and lack of civility

37:28 There is not a Republican or Democratic way to pick up garbage

39:54 Quantitative vs qualitative data for community surveys

47:30 What might be helpful to understand when approaching the academic world vs local government world

51:04 The ideal invitation – how to make it and what not to do.

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