#25 – Ralph “Hutch” Hutchison – the art of calm in a sea of change.

Posted by: on March 24th, 2023

Ralph Hutchison, or as he is known around these parts, “Hutch”, is manager of East Lampeter Township in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Today we take an inside peek of what it looks like to manage a municipality that is situated in the heart of Lancaster County.

As Ralph says, “there are two things people don’t like. The way things are and change.”

He shares with us his philosophy and approach to managing a Township that fully embraces two ends of a spectrum in culture and business.

I am your host, Nancy Hess and I created PCC Local Time Podcast to start conversations among friends and colleagues in this professional field we call local government.

East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

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Show Notes

3:10 The center of Lancaster County

5:50 Change, a natural state of affairs

11:50 Early mentor, Michael O’Keefe

13:30 Developing manager muscle

15:10 Concept of urban growth and preserving agricultural land

17:10 Early days of shopping outlet mall expansion

22:00 Zoning and the first Walmart in Lancaster

25:40 Impact on police services

27:25 Steady articulation of values through changes in landscape

31:00 Answering the question of “why?”

34:00 Changes that improve organizational effectiveness

38:00 Lincoln Highway Streetscape Plan

44:00 What is on the horizon for transportation projects in Lancaster?

46:10 Imagining the future and regional interests

49:35 Working together in the region and the importance of engagement

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