• Build high engagement people systems
  • Analyze and design jobs to meet the future
  • Create processes and policies that guide and optimize work


  • Grow professionals through facilitated learning experiences
  • Engage teams in building a high performance workplace
  • Engage people in critical conversations about work


  • Organize people and work to support the mission, vision, values and ethics
  • Make sense of the way work gets done and improve service delivery and business processes
  • Develop competencies that support whole system change


Extraordinary change begins with the people who are doing the work. Clients often begin the process of change by asking me to respond to a specific need. For example, they ask if I can help …

…clarify and develop job roles and responsibilities?
…improve transparency about the way people are paid or how performance is measured?
…build a system and structure for human resources?
…help improve our customer service delivery?
…help employees shift their thinking about technology?
…help streamline and centralize processes and policies across the organization?

At every stage of project work, important conversations happen with people about how work gets done and what happens in the workplace that informs the work. As conversations bring ideas and issues to the surface, excitement and anxiety will often result. Both need to be contained and transformed to create real change.

This is when leaders become agents of change. My role is to help them facilitate the next steps in that change process. 

If extraordinary change is desired, we must ask people to do extraordinary things.

We must…

…invite them into a conversation about what a different future might look like to them.
…gather and share data with them to create a picture of what we are talking about.
…share perspectives, generate ideas and build shared understanding.
…facilitate the processes of design, planning and implementation.
…help teams evolve and take ownership.
…champion the need for resources to support the change that is taking place.
…help individuals understand their role and purpose toward the mission
…facilitate development of learning opportunities

Extraordinary change means we strive to work in service to the whole system (all stakeholders) and value the people who are the heart of the organization and doing the work.