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Informed to Co-designer

by: | Aug 26th, 2020

One of the most important conversations I have when I begin work with a group is about structure and in particular, what will be the level of involvement in decision-making by group members? The range of participation level is like a spectrum that ranges from being informed and providing feedback; to providing a more consultative […]

When HR became a movement for me

by: | Aug 13th, 2020

I am working the coatroom on a busy Saturday night at a fancy restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, Inner Harbor in the winter of 1983-84. Snow crystals fly at the glass windows overlooking the harbor while jazz beats fill the air. Suddenly, the power extinguishes and darkness descends on the harbor. The next moment is punctuated […]

Prosperity Through Change

by: | Aug 9th, 2020

I am now certain that there are times when agitation and confrontation are necessary to reach consensus about what is necessary. I am equally convinced that engagement through dialogue can be as, if not more, powerful.

Inclusion with Full Participation

by: | Jul 13th, 2020

When people who are different from “our kind” join our ranks, we may get agitated or excited without being able to articulate quite why. We might say it is great to see a new face, but as the inclusion of others grow, we may experience “implicit bias” which is a bias of which we are […]

Our National Debate on Tolerance

by: | Jul 10th, 2020

I can shout from the mountain top, protest, write, defend and advocate so long as I do not commit a crime; I may not defame another, recklessly or intentionally cause harm to their being, physically or mentally, violate their rights under the law or impede their ability to exercise full citizenship.

When performance conversations mean something

by: | Jun 23rd, 2020

One of the challenges of performance evaluation in organizations is that many of us are not particularly good at delivering feedback but building a practice of feedback inside an organization is bar none, the most valuable core competency an organization can develop.

What abstract art taught me about systems change

by: | Jun 22nd, 2020

When change happens quickly and we do not have time to ponder, in meticulous fashion, the shape, form and structure of the scene before us, we are forced to rely on our inner guide to make meaning. That is the essence of abstract art. The artist is working from an inner world without reliance on references from the outer world to create meaning.

What does extraordinary change look like?

by: | Mar 26th, 2020

Pioneers venture into uncharted territory, they perform advance work to understand the lay of the land, navigate obstacles and create paths for others to follow. In today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, leaders need a few pioneers to help them chart a path forward. When client organizations have a strategy for moving forward, […]

When IT, Architecture and HR intersect with design of customer experience (and rabbits)

by: | Nov 12th, 2019

Centralized customer service is a good idea because it fosters cross pollination.

The Case for HR

by: | Nov 10th, 2019

Human Resources can be many different things to different people. Like a shape shifter or a hologram, the HR pro can morph from that of a fixer or an enforcer to that of a facilitator or mediator to that of an advisor or designer of process and systems. When fully realized, HR impacts every person […]