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Walter Reuther – a Social Pioneer for Our Time

by: | Oct 9th, 2020

Rare is the man who rises out of impoverished circumstances to challenge the greatest thinkers and politicians of his time. Walter Reuther was born in 1907 to austere German immigrant parents who valued education and hard work. He was raised in Wheeling, West Virginia, but followed a jobs tip to Detroit Michigan where he became […]

Make Learning Lifelong

by: | Oct 9th, 2020

I have a distinct memory, and I bet you do too, of a time when I absorbed, like a sponge, new information and ways of doing things. I remember it happening, in particular, in a new job where there was a heightened sense of awareness of everything and everyone around me. I also remember it […]

The Quiet Leader

by: | Sep 23rd, 2020

What he explained to me is that youth and counselors need to work together to build agreement on a small set of rules that are not elaborate and detailed but are easily understood and address the most important aspects of daily living.

Co-design performance with your management team

by: | Sep 18th, 2020

What if we upped our game to bring about a greater sense of purpose, perspective, energy, focus, engagement and commitment?

Performance is Process

by: | Sep 1st, 2020

Although Deming was not a fan of performance evaluations, he was a profound thinker on performance. I find the simplicity of his Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA) process cycle helpful in thinking about my own work performance and also imagine it like a fractal which can appear small but grow in ever increasing scale […]

Finding Community

by: | Aug 26th, 2020

…in a Covid World of Work The structure of community is about belonging and connection. It includes the ways we do things, idiosyncratic practices, routines, and even rituals, that may annoy us but mostly assure us we are part of something larger than ourselves. We participate in order to contribute and receive value in return. […]

Informed to Co-designer

by: | Aug 26th, 2020

One of the most important conversations I have when I begin work with a group is about structure and in particular, what will be the level of involvement in decision-making by group members? The range of participation level is like a spectrum that ranges from being informed and providing feedback; to providing a more consultative […]

When HR became a movement for me

by: | Aug 13th, 2020

I am working the coatroom on a busy Saturday night at a fancy restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, Inner Harbor in the winter of 1983-84. Snow crystals fly at the glass windows overlooking the harbor while jazz beats fill the air. Suddenly, the power extinguishes and darkness descends on the harbor. The next moment is punctuated […]

Prosperity Through Change

by: | Aug 9th, 2020

I am now certain that there are times when agitation and confrontation are necessary to reach consensus about what is necessary. I am equally convinced that engagement through dialogue can be as, if not more, powerful.

Inclusion with Full Participation

by: | Jul 13th, 2020

When people who are different from “our kind” join our ranks, we may get agitated or excited without being able to articulate quite why. We might say it is great to see a new face, but as the inclusion of others grow, we may experience “implicit bias” which is a bias of which we are […]