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One Team Thinking

Timothea Kirchner, Borough Manager of Lansdale PA talks to The Scaffold about leadership 

The term “One Team Thinking” as presented in the video above….is a term adopted by Lansdale employees when they recently created their competency dictionary. It is defined as a “we are all in this together” approach to work and consistency floats to the top whenever we work with cross functional teams of staff on building a competency vocabulary for their organization around the question of “what is most critical for success”.

What is important to know about Timi’s leadership style, from behind the scenes, is that she did not “announce” this was going to be a guiding core competency for the organization. Rather, she invited staff to explore what they felt was most important and when they arrived at this competency on their own volition, she validated them by adopting this as a core organization competency and made it a part of her own leadership vocabulary.

But the secret to her leadership is that she regularly models and sets the tone for this competency by engaging staff in meaningful conversations about how goals will be achieved by leveraging talent across departments. She champions efforts to break down silos and publically praises achievements that benefit the whole organization.

In One Team Thinking, success is defined as working across the organization to achieve results. This approach raises the bar by focusing on collaborative processes that diminish organization weakness in favor of building up core strength.

Nancy J Hess is an HR Strategist who helps organizations design and implement effective HR strategies that value engagement and whole system approaches to work and community. You can find out more at www.njhessassociates.com


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